Egypt Cattle and Hay Ranch is productive 267.76 acres with hay meadow, barn and working pens. Currently stocked at 60 head of mother cows and has historically produced high weaning weight calves. Peach Creek runs through the middle portion of the ranch.

The ranch is located approximately 10 miles northwest of Wharton, TX and approximately 6 miles northwest of Glen Flora on FM 102. See attached location map.

The ranch consists of a gentle roll down to the creek with high elevations a future building site.

Approximately 75 acres of the property is a hay meadow consisting of Tifton 85 produces enough Hay to supply the ranches cattle and provides an extra income stream from sales to other ranches.

Most of the property is located outside the 100 year flood plain. The headwaters of Peach Creek crosses the ranch with this area being located in the flood plain. See attache flood map.

By far, the most impressive improvement of this ranch are the cattle working pens designed for the ease and low stress of handling a large group of cattle. Also on the ranch is a 3,200 square foot hay barn, which is capable of storing 270 large bales of hay. In addition, a 960 square foot, 3 sided barn us used to store a tractor and hay baler. A small portable building is used to store feed and other items. On the northeast side of the ranch you will find new perimeter fencing.

The ranch is very well watered with a good distribution system of underground piping services several water troughs. Water is supplied by a 4″ submersible well. Two other wells are on the ranch and are believed to be operational.

The ranch is primarily made up of Norwood loam and Nada-Cieno. See attached soil map.

Taxes are at ag valuation and are estimated to be $1,112.40 for 2022, per Wharton County CAD.